If you have been invited as a member, welcome! This is the SCP International, the communication hub for the far-flung SCP international community!


The SCP International is shorthand for the "SCP International Congress of Community" which is a fancy name for "big meeting for a bunch of admins representing various SCP sites". The essential purpose of this meeting is for us to be able to gather, share ideas, and bring our communities closer together. Sounds nice, eh? We're also going to be setting up this site so regular folks can join it, and communicate across communities.

Currently Invited Communities

  • SCP-EN - The English Wiki! This is the original SCP community, descendant from the 4chan days. Translation available here. SCP-EN is maintained by a large admin team.
  • SCP-KR - Dear Korean Colleagues! Translation available here. The Korean site is maintained by QAZ135, scpfskhq, and shfoakdls.
  • SCP-CN - The Chinese Branch! Translation available here. The Chinese Branch of the SCP Foundation is currently helmed by areyoucrazytom, and SunnyParallax.
  • SCP-FR - The French! Translation available here. The French translation of the SCP Foundation is maintained by DrMarcus.
  • SCP-ES - The Spanish Branch! Translation available here! The SCP Spanish Branch is maintained by Vlank, Mulnero, DrManticore, and Chagecha.
  • SCP-TH - The Thai fighters!(I'm sorry, I had to). Translation available here! The Thai site is run by DrSSS and his team.
  • SCP-PL - The Polish Branch of the site! Translation available here! SCP-PL is represented here by sharha and DrJamesH!
  • SCP-JP - The Japanese branch! Translation available here! The Japanese site is run by CheshireCheese, Kwana, and m0ch12uk1.
  • SCP-RE - The SCP sub-reddit community! Currently run by DrKens, Nivek12 and bluesoul. This is one of the largest non-translation communities, and is the top referral to the SCP-EN wiki, according to google analytics.
  • SCP-DA - The deviantArt site! The largest SCP fanart community, they have over 600 unique members, and create some of the most awesome fanart about SCP! Currently led by Jetstrange and ZombiePsychologist.
  • SCP-WL - The only active official spinoff site from the SCP Wiki, featuring stories and content about the Serpents Hand group of interest. Translation available here. The Wanderers Library is maintained by TroyL, DrEverettMann, TheDeadlyMoose, Roget, Vivax, rumetzen, and Pixeltasim.
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