This is a list of things that we as delegates wish to discuss at the SCP International. Feel free to add anything you think should be discussed, so we have a broad spectrum ideas to consolidate going into the meeting. We will attempt to be as inclusive as possible when consolidating these proposed items into an actual itinerary of events.

Discussion of International Communication.

Since the primary goal of this meeting is to set up a permanent space for our communities to interact, we will talk about things such as the venue, method of joining, and how this proposed community hub would be moderated.

Possible creation of an FAQ for each branch to share collectively.

We would create a tabbed FAQ, with each tab having questions and answers from the various international admins about their sites. This would go a long way towards educating people on how their various sites work, in addition to promoting the international websites on each others wikis.

Discussion of Visual Records

The visual records site was created by the SCP-EN wiki in order to replace the old system of letting anybody who felt like it create a visual records page. I know the Koreans and French had created copies of this site. This seemed inefficient, and I propose we simply make hubs in different languages so that members of the international community can use the site.

Discussion of Domains

Some of the SCP wikis have domains according to the ISO. On the other hand, some(KR, CN) do not. We may have to discuss if we should unite all national wiki domains according to the ISO or not.

Rewrites in the English Wiki

Two points about this topic:

  1. Discussing a way to inform the translation sites when an English article is rewritten (sometimes it can go unnoticed, and maybe the translation sites would like to update the article to its new version?)
  2. Discussing if there's any alternative to improve the current author credit system. It's easy for many translators to not notice that the current version is a rewrite, and the former article author is usually mentioned as the creator.
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