Meeting Goals

These are the proposed goals for the SCP International. More or less what we want to achieve with the meeting. If there is anything you want to add to this page, feel free to edit it.

PRIMARY GOAL: To set up a permanent place where the community from the various sites can interact and share ideas. This should be easily accessible to all members, and be open for membership. The bar for entry should be very low, with perhaps only a few hurdles to overcome to prevent massive trolling.

SECONDARY GOALS: To foster communication between the admins of various SCP sites, to share information on useful ideas and the creations of each site, to organize more translations across branches. Possibly the creation of an international FAQ where each site can posit information about their community. A sharing of the Visual Records site so that we don't have each branch creating their own version of it, which seems to be what has been happening insofar.


Please add a list of who will be representing your community here. We are currently limiting it to three persons per delegation, but there will probably be an area for non-delegate members once the actual meeting occurs.

SCP-EN - Roget, TroyL, Dexanote
SCP-RU - GeneR, Osobist, Blackbird5154
SCP-KR - shfoakdls, Salamander724, Kazahn
SCP-CN - Areyoucrazytom, SunnyParallax, H_Darklight
SCP-FR - DrMarcus, Dr Grym, DrJohannes
SCP-ES - Vlank, Chagecha, DrManticore
SCP-RE - DrKens, pxdnbluesoul, Niveklin
SCP-DA - DeadmanDoctor(ZombiePsychologist)
SCP-WL - DrEverettMann, Vivax, Rumetzen
SCP-TH - DrSSS, Kuruni, Slang
SCP-PL - sharha, DrJamesH
SCP-JP - CheshireCheese, m0ch12uk1
SCP-DE - Dr_Grom

Upcoming Communities

Communities trying to build up original content and membership. We should do everything we can to assist them.

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